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The BogHogs are a group of mountain bikers that ride in and around East Kent, mostly in the area between Canterbury and the Whitstable - Herne Bay coast.

Whilst we take our riding seriously the accent is on fun and having a few laughs, mostly at each other, you won't hear a lot of talk about heart rate, or average speed - we are not that kind of group. Tell us a story about doner kebabs, lager and a donkey and you will fit right in.

Although Kent is not blessed with an abundance of mountains, in fact there aren't any, there is a good mix of singletrack and bridleways if you know where to look and some of the best riding in the South East.

Most of us have ridden the trails around Canterbury, Herne Bay and Whitstable for decades and between us we can string a series of rides together from all day epics to a quick hours blast.

Occasionally we venture further afield and have made trips to France and Wales to experience a more technical and varied range of mountain bike riding and of course we have our own trail centre at Bedgbury in Kent which we usually visit at least once a year.

Generally there are 12 people in our group but the numbers vary according to the season and people's commitments - a typical ride wil see six of us meeting up on a Sunday morning for a two to three hour ride in the woods and bridle paths around Canterbury and beyond.

We ride at the pace of the slowest rider and wait for everyone to catch up although there is usually a small group at the front who will push on a bit so we have a variety of paces.

There are many mountain bike groups in Kent, all are different, between us we have ridden with most of them, it is about finding the one that suits you and the kind of mountain bike riding that you want to do.

We have our own mountain bike riding blog that details all of the mountain bike rides we are doing in Kent click here for a link you can use this to contact us or chat or join in the mayhem.

Browse around the site, find out a bit more about us and maybe join us for a ride someday...

Please note we are not an official club, just a group of riders who choose to ride together, none of the riders are qualified guides and we have no accident or liability insurance, so if you ride with us you do so at your own risk. Mountain Biking can be dangerous and you should ride within your limits and always wear a helmet. To ride with us you will need a well maintained bicycle that is suitable for the purpose of riding off road, a reasonable set of spares, tubes, pump, multitool etc

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