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agent orange

agent orange was best known as a highly unpleasant defoliant used in vietnam to clear areas of jungle, there was also an agent pink and purple known collectively as the rainbow agents.

what has this got to do with mountain biking? well a bit of local historical research revealed that part of the woodland we ride on was cleared with...agent orange.

one of our sweetest trails has a large 45 gallon drum rusting by the side of the track, the trail is forever known as agent orange.

in fact pretty much all of our trails have names, which is a bit sad in a trainspotter kind of way but we are blokes and we do this stuff a bit like collecting conkers, pieces of string and paperclips.

but think about it, if we say shall we go and ride on that track through the trees with the mud and branches and sh*t which one would it be?

so we have: scandinavia, the coal road, the tundra, agent orange, the dips, the ugly sisters, monkey world, the other side, top of the world just to mention a few, all of them are dead flat and straight, no riding here, off to bedgebury with you.

Tales from the Trails

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