you may recognise some of us from hello or ok magazine or maybe even the Angling Times - a fine body of men...

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Tales from the Trails

Why mountain biking? Well remember when you were twelve and you had a Raleigh Arena to which you bolted a set of cow horns... read more

In the woods at night you get to see a wide range of wildlife: badgers, foxes, owls, lots of rabbits and if you are at the back the drooling fanged monster off the cover of the Iron Maiden album that is right behind you - just don't look round... read more

100k, six of the toughest hills in Kent, temp -1, wind chill - 7, that will be the Hell of the Ashdown then... read more

to make it easier to sort the pictures we have divided them into our recent big trips

wales 07 | france 08 | Afan 08 | france 09


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